Major business events in St. Petersburg can not do without tents

Company NWTS / «Northwest Awning Systems" for 2 months participated in the organization of the three major international business events in St. Petersburg. According to experts of the company, the popularity of the use of structures in this area is growing. Today, the annual turnover rent tents in major business events in the North-west is more than 100 million rubles.

Rent tents activated in the summer season, the peak visiting weddings and exhibition activities, particularly affects the amount of rent the latter because it is always large orders. In May and June, the company was involved in the installation NWTS tents for three international business activities together with "Roder". For the International Law Forum at the Palace Square was established 3500 square meters. m tent structures for the World Economic Forum — 6500 sq.m., also established a series of large tents with a span of 30 m, 20 m, 15 m for the APEC summit, all events were held in St. Petersburg.

At events tents were used as sites for conducting business program, restaurants, Welcome-zones for the organization of the points of access control and transmission. Tents are equipped with air conditioning, a necessary lighting, decor. Tents have been installed in different materials: PVC, glass, aluminum and plastic.

"The use of tent structures in the area of business events and exhibitions starting to gain momentum. The annual turnover of transactions in this market right now is … a year. I think the trend of using tents for large events in the future will lead to wider dissemination of the market "- sums Anastasia Ilina, CEO of NWTS /« Northwest Awning Systems. "

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