Major energy group Fortum started buying wood pellets from the Leningrad region

OJSC "Vyborg Cellulose" test batch of products shipped to the power plant of this concern.

This information provided the president of "CC" Alex Kaz’min. He also said that this was the fifth ship, which shipped its biofuel production this year. (Recall, the company of the Leningrad region — the largest pellet production capacity of the world’s nearly 1 million tons of pellets per year). Loading was performed in less than a day.
In the near future the pellet plant of the village. The Soviet Leningrad region to begin shipment of biofuels in the Netherlands and the UK in the summer of 2011.

Wood pellets (pellets) (born pellets) — biofuels, derived from peat, wood waste and agricultural waste. Is a cylindrical pellets of standard size.

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