Major Solnechnikovu awarded the title of Hero of the Russian … posthumously

The title was awarded posthumously for his heroism and courage in the line of duty
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Russian Major General Sergei Solnechnikovu, according to the Kremlin. Sunfish was honored with this award for heroism, courage and selflessness in the performance of military duty.

March 28th battalion commander, brigade communications management in the Chita region Dory saw the abandoned ordinary soldier Maxim Zhuravlev grenade hit the parapet and rolled on the ground, "Vedomosti". He pushed the soldier and closed the grenade with his body. At the cost of his life, Major saved not only failed metnuvshego grenade ordinary, but a few soldiers who were nearby. "I think it’s a wholly tragic accident, there’s no one’s fault. I will not speak of such high-sounding words, just the boy was brought up like that and felt sorry for the other, less for themselves — more than for others, and was killed, "- said later," First Channel "father of Major Alexander Dory.

Major was buried on April 2 full military honors in the cemetery of the Volga in the Volgograd region.

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