Makeev State Rocket European satellite launch from a submarine

State Rocket Center (SRC) Makeyev preparing for the European launch of the spacecraft "expert" on board the Russian submarine.

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  • Start with the Premier League side

"Currently, SRC is working to ensure the experiments to study the aerothermodynamics hypersonic flight in a real descent into the Earth’s atmosphere of European researchers vehicles" Expert ", launched a carrier rocket" Wave "- said the chief designer of the rocket-space direction GRC Alexander Zaitsev .

"The project is designed to calculate the conditions for the return of the aircraft to the earth at the entrance to the dense layers of the atmosphere in order to design and create the future space transportation systems. The experimental spacecraft "expert" to be launched on board a nuclear submarine of the Pacific Ocean with a landing on the Kura test site of the Kamchatka Peninsula, "- he explained.

Earlier, the head of SRC Vladimir Degtar said that for a start-up remains to obtain permission to the Russian Defense Ministry: "On the topic of" expert ", the whole amount of work we have almost completed it remains to obtain permission from the Ministry of Defence to carry out the launch of this spacecraft with our carrier rocket" Wave ".

In turn, the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin suggested the European Space Agency and the alternative — to run this machine as a payload along with another companion other carrier. "I spoke with the head of the European Space Agency Jean-Jacques Dordenom that we are ready to run this machine as a payload," — he said.

The return capsule of spacecraft "Expert" — a scientific apparatus for research in hypersonic reentry. The device will run on a ballistic trajectory and estimate the impact of the atmosphere on it during the flight to Earth at hypersonic speeds.

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