Makeevskij plant Energocapital introduces the technology of the future

Plan to introduce it in large industrial plants.

Technology implemented in the pilot plant LLC "Energocapital" (Makiyivka, Donetsk region), with its proper use can improve the environmental situation not only in the Donbass region, but also in the whole Ukraine. This does not doubt the experts present at the press conference held in Donetsk. 

Overways of disposing of sludge wasteindustrialists and environmentalists fought the 70-ies of the last century. The total amount of such waste in Ukraine is estimated at more than 4 billion tons, the fifth of which is concentrated in the Donetsk region.

"" Energocapital "managed to solve the important problem for the whole world, — said the deputy director of the company on the new techniques and technologies Oleg Maksimenko. — Using the experience of our German colleagues, we took the classical blast furnace capacity of 128 cubic meters, which is successfully processed our raw materials and produces up to 370 tons of pig iron per day. Technological process is simple: we mix the sludge with coal and metallurgical obtain pellet, which contains iron, flux and carbon with lime as binder. pellet load in the oven, the penetrating — and get the output three Product: High-quality cast iron, Granulated slag and blast furnace gas, which then passes into electricity. Electricity use ourselves, Granulated slag and iron sell — the first widely used in construction, the second demand on the world market. "

December 27 mini oven was launched in test mode, and on 18 April the company received permission to enter the first stage. By this time the developers have managed to significantly reduce noise and to enlist the support of local residents.

"At first we were neighbors suffered from excessive noise, — says a resident of the village Khanzhonkov Love Pylypenko. — But Manager responded to the complaint, talked to us, promised to eliminate the source of the noise — and kept his word. Plant I do not mind if it does not harm people, because it provides jobs, which in our village almost gone "

A unique technology named first deputy general director of Business Combinations "Metallurgprom" Alexander Zrazhevsky. First, the preparation of pellets, and in the process gas is not used, and hence — no harm to the atmosphere. Secondly, in terms of quality cast iron "Energocapital" capable of competing with international manufacturers. Third, the technology is easy to implement — a mini-oven quickly assembled at the site of any technical plant.

"Today, no business can be built without first obtaining approval from environmentalists and NGOs — said the head of the State Administration of Environmental Protection in the Donetsk region, Sergei Tretyakov. — LLC" Energocapital "has passed a comprehensive inspection, has received all necessary consents."

According to Oleg Maksimenko, advanced filters to minimize emissions to the atmosphere. When the plant will work in full mode, do these emissions will be the raw material for the production process, and the cycle is completely closed.

"It is important that people know about us, — he says. — For a long time in Europe, the sludge is not considered a waste — an energy resource, raw material base for the business. Businesses pay a pretty penny for storing waste, and is much wiser to recycle them, to make them out of production . However, this requires a legal framework. "

Technology "Energocapital" simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. And if it will be appreciated and introduce it in large industrial enterprises — business near future, experts are convinced.

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