Making tunnel portals Adler




Architectural design portals fifth and sixth railway tunnels on the road Adler — skiing resort "Alpica Service" will be performed in the same style with the traditional structures of this kind of materials — natural stone.


The main element of the decor plate will be made of natural sandstone. Works on facing portals fifth and sixth railway tunnels natural stone started in early November.

— Making natural stone portals in tunnel construction has been used for a long time. It is a traditional practice that we have mastered in Siberia, and then successfully used in other regions, — said Oleg Ferdman, a separate division chief of "BUILD TRUST" in Sochi, Deputy General Director of JSC "BUILD TRUST", which belongs to the group of companies "IC BRIDGE". — Natural stone is resistant to external influences, easily tolerates low temperatures, besides, it’s just beautiful. Registration portals paid much more attention because the tunnels — this underground structures, and to assess the scope and quality of the construction uninitiated difficult. People only see the entrance to the tunnel, and often it is judged on how well it is built or not.

It is planned that the cover of the south portal of the 6th railway tunnel, which is located in the village of Esto-Sadok, will be completed by the end of November. In total, the builders have to decorate with natural stone around 6,000 square meters of portals.


Some photos from the already constructed tunnels.











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