MAKS-2013 air defense system has pleased the picture Buk-M3

Graphical representation of the JMA SAM Buk-M3 was found on the chalet Tikhomirov NIIP them.

© Said Aminov, saidpvo.livejournal.comd


According to our colleaguesSaid Aminovand, at the Research Institute of Instrument stand them. VV Tikhomirov, was published a detailed look promising complex air defense Buk-M3.

Graphical representation of the self-propelled anti-aircraft fire missile system Buk-M3 was found on the chalet Tikhomirov NIIP them. As you can see, the chassis track, apparently, a unified self-propelled installation of fire complex Buk-M2.

At JMA placed in two rows of three anti-aircraft missiles in individual transport-launch containers of 9M317ME. However, unlike the ship’s air defense system Calm-1 launch these missiles are not vertical and oblique. Radar target illumination similar to those in the SDA Buk-M2.

The missiles are stored in sealed transport-launch containers (TLC) and installed on the mobile control for aiming. This solution greatly facilitates the operation of the complex. TPC is a cylindrical container, sealed rigid or semi-rigid covers diaphragms, in which the missile is the date of the plant up to the start. Made of metal or composite materials.

RIC protects the rocket from the external environment, easy transportation and maintenance of missiles, reduces the probability of hitting the vapor components of rocket fuel into the atmosphere. The use of the WPK has reduced a lot of missiles, increase reliability and readiness, simplify operations transporting rockets, it is installed in PU and preparing for launch.

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