MAKS-2013, contracts for $ 16 billion

Zhukovsky / Moscow region /, August 30. / ITAR-TASS /

Aircraft manufacturers in the business activities of the MAKS-2013 air show in Zhukovsky near Moscow signed contracts for the supply of new aircraft worth more than $ 15.7 billion. This does not include a number of leasing contracts for the supply of airline previously ordered aircraft and helicopters.

In the previous MAKS, held in 2011, according to estimates of the organizers, was signed agreements and contracts worth about $ 10 billion. UAC / UAC / signed contracts for 124 civilian aircraft at $ 7.5 billion.

Sales leader at the MAKS-2013, as expected, was the KLA. The Corporation JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" / GSS / signedagreements and contracts for 52 aircraft SSJ-100/ Almost $ 1.9 billion on average catalog price / another 50 aircraft are reserved for the new joint leasing company Sberbank and GSS.

The order book "Irkut" corporation / included KLA / in perspectivemainline aircraft MS-21 supplemented with 82 cars, the value of transactions in the catalog prices — nearly $ 6.7 billion.

JSC "Helicopters of Russia", part of the "Oboronprom" / controlled by the state corporation "Rostekhnadzor" /, signed a supply agreement to Colombia five helicopters Ka-62 and five Mi-171A1. The price of one Ka-62 is about $ 10 million, the Mi-171 — about $ 17 million. Thus the value of the transactions can be up to 135 million dollars.

Canadian Bombardier with the signing of several agreements with the State Corporation "Rostekhnadzor" agreed to implement in Russia at least 100 turboprop Q400 NextGen. Half of them are to be built in Russia in a joint venture in Ulyanovsk — the company signed an agreement. In the case of implementation of the agreements of the contract amount will be about $ 3.4 billion.

The airline "Transaero" and the Engine Alliance / Joint Venture General Electric and Pratt & Whitney / signed a contract to supply engines for the four aircraft Airbus-380. The cost of GP7200 engines to catalog prices, as well as work in the framework agreement estimated to be worth more than $ 500 million.

On contracts for the supply of new military aircraft during the current access is not announced, but according to the head of the KLA, Mikhail Pogosyan, the Enterprise Corporationsigned a number of service contracts on behalf of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federationtotaling approximately $ 3 billion. In addition, Concern "Radio-electronic technology" / KRET / at the MAKS-2013 signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense to create a complex airborne electronic warfare "Hibiny-U" for Su-30cm. The contract is worth about $ 50 million. Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" / part of the KLA / signed two additional agreements with India Basant Aerospace Privet Limited for a total of $ 55 million to offset part of the general contract with the Indian Air Force.

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