Malachite company became a partner on the project CTRP electronic recording of inventory

In the structure of the current production assets of enterprises occupy a large proportion of inventories of raw materials and other tangible assets. They account for more than half of the amount of working capital, the share of which sometimes can reach 80% or more. And if the raw material for the production — a resource paramount, such reserves as spare parts and materials for capital and current repairs of units — consumption of more collateral main proceedings, but without it the company will be in difficulty. It is therefore very important to determine the optimal amount of reserves that would ensure the effective operation of production with minimal costs for its logistics. Benefit as a result of a rational approach to the management of stocks up as practice shows, the significant size, which is especially important for large industrial enterprises. The situation of uncontrolled growth stocks of spare parts and materials familiar to most industries. Although the methodology for determining the standards and requirements are known and varied use them in pure form on tables excel problematic, and in addition, it is impossible to receive the funded part of the statistics.

In late 2010, the customer — the company CHEP — initiated a project "Calculation of minimum and the current stock of spare parts. Analysis of changes in the balances in warehouses, deviations from standards by type of stock "to prevent the growth of residues in storage, increasing storage space, making the procedure of acquisition and disposal of goods and materials the most transparent. As part of this work in the first half of 2011 was a comprehensive statutory framework, containing an analysis of the actual data in comparison with the standards. The specialists of the company CHEP and Malachite identified several methods of distribution ratios, given the fact that these rules for calculating the minimum and the current stock should work equally well in both small and at high volumes. Developed proposals applied to spare parts, equipment and given the catalog statistics write-off: Define the workshops and equipment, the group distributed the parts according to the frequency and volume of use, the complexity of manufacture and duration of delivery. On the basis of these data, calculated ratios availability of spare parts in stock, and compared with the current data. After the implementation of this phase of work managers became clear who is responsible for what, who adheres to standards and who is not, and for what reasons the state of affairs has become clear: it became possible to analyze the dynamics of the residues and the reasons for the increase, for example, provisions for major repairs.

            Well coordinated work of experts CTRP and Malachite allowed in a short time to get a positive result. Developers were able to provide a vast array of data in a compact form, with the possibility of different levels of detail. Participants in the project are all structural units of the plant, from the rank and file employees who are drawing application for the acquisition and disposal of materials, to the leaders of the processes. Information system combines all the shops and offices, which made it possible to move inventory from warehouse to warehouse within the same organization.

            In the second half of 2011, the second phase of the project — reference stocks have applied to the planning, allowing management to make informed decisions and more seriously reduce unnecessary costs. Thus, if there is an adequate supply depots, and worker tries to enter a request, the system analyzes the information and signals that allows to acquire refuse at any stage. The main objective — to enable management to make the right decisions at an early stage so as not to violate the treaty obligations and avoid impropriety regarding suppliers.

            The project "Malachite" has earned high praise from the customer as possible in the shortest possible time to achieve this task:

— optimize and change business processes

— get positive results — the savings from its implementation has already proved invested in the development of facilities;

—  save all previously existing positive achievements — the new system does not break down, but only multiplied.


          About the Company: IT company "Malachite" — system integrator ChTPZ Group and a leading developer of enterprise information systems in the South Urals are flying with 20 successful experience of implementation and maintenance of systems for managing business processes of large manufacturing enterprises. The company’s products "Malachite" successfully implemented and work for enterprises pipe division of ChTPZ Group, which includes pipe mills in Chelyabinsk and Pervouralsk Trading House "Uraltrubostal" and spot network UCSC, OAO "Seversky Pipe Plant" LLC, "MZ" KAMASTAL. "
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