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Technical experts of IT companies Malachite, a project of joint electronic information platform for the company CHEP, sells its products in the domestic and foreign markets.           

Increasing sales — it’s always the good news for any company. However, it also causes an increase in the volume of work transaction support. In the case of export sales added to the complexity of compliance with the currency legislation of the Russian Federation for the timely execution of orders is necessary to provide all stakeholders — Russian and foreign missions — to-date information on shipments of plants, the flow of goods, funds and accounts. All employees involved in the process, working on a chain, bringing in or getting out of it the necessary data. This method of operation virtually eliminates the communication by phone and e-mail address, which is especially useful with the time zone difference.            

Developed and implemented "malachite" common information space for production staff and specialists of Russian and foreign offices allowed to completely eliminate manual labor in the formation of the documents related to the parallel accounting or other programs, duplication of effort by managers and sending documents by e-mail. This has increased the efficiency of the staff several times and accelerated the process of agreeing the deal. If earlier the process of invoicing the customer with all the necessary procedures takes 5-6 days, now this same procedure is carried out in 2 days. Also significantly reduced the time spent on prihodovanie products: Until recently, the fact that the deal for some orders, which products were shipped, an employee of the plant was spending the day and transmit this information via e-mail in London, the local manager of another day cross-checked with the data, to how that relates to client orders, now this information is obtained automatically foreign office.

Another important detail that allows you to speed up the process of automatic generation of documents — it is a translation of units of measurement in the system accepted by the buyer. Thus, Russian and tons of footage to turn America into pounds and feet. In addition, for each customer has its own output printed form documents according to the requirements of its legislation.

Plans to expand the functionality to modify the possibility of transferring the existing data in the system Malahit in English accounting software for simplified tax and financial reporting based on local realities.

 About the Company: IT company "Malachite" is one of the leading developers of enterprise information systems in the southern Urals with 20 successful experience of flying and maintaining systems for managing business processes in large industrial enterprises. Performs quality control systems automation of the main business: the production process, relationships with customers and suppliers, logistics, finance, personnel, etc. Its principal activities include the development of custom enterprise information management systems, implementation of our developed software solutions and integration with existing enterprise system, maintenance and technical support for installed systems, providing consulting services in the field of information technology and administrative management. The range of solutions Malahit to date includes 19 products. Each solution can be acquired and operated either jointly or independently, depending on the needs of the customer and allows you to create a system for full automation of all industrial enterprises, including complex legally and geographically distributed structure. 

Ltd. "Malachite", Chelyabinsk, ul. Maslennikov, 17 b tel.: (351) 253-53-08, 253-53-09

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