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Maloyaroslavetz that in the Kaluga region, the town is small, but well-known. In the battle of 1812 Maloyaroslavetz eight times from hand to hand, was burned and destroyed. But Napoleon was forced to retreat along the old Smolensk road. The city has experienced great sorrow, but for the suffering he was given unfading glory.

Today, the city is growing, growing. The center is equipped with Maloiaroslavets Square, where locals and tourists can walk in any weather. Visited the city after a long break. Pleasantly surprised.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, the materi.1744
In 1744, on the site of the collapsed wooden church of St. George was built at the expense of the local landowner, retired brigadier Athanasius Radishcheva (grandfather of the famous writer) new stone Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God with the chapels of St. George and St. John the Warrior. In 1930 the church was closed, and it is located Peasant’s House. The building of the temple was rebuilt, the tomb of the builder of the temple, AP Radishcheva lost, the bell tower was demolished, and the bells are used for the industrialization. For a long time in the cathedral housed the city’s theater, where the altar was constructed toilets. By the 600th anniversary of the cathedral facade was plastered and painted.

The monument was built and inaugurated in 1844 by the order of Emperor Nicholas I in commemoration of the victory of the Russian Imperial Army at Maloiaroslavets in 1812. Demolished in 1932 and rebuilt in 2010.

In 1909, donations were gathered for the construction in Maloyaroslavets Memorial Church in chet 100th anniversary of the War of 1812. The necessary amount collected, and by 1912 at the site of the old Church of the Assumption, heavily damaged during the battle, erected a new, grand, in the Byzantine-Russian style.

The monument in the square of the Monument to the Heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812. On a hill — a concrete pedestal with two staircases. One corner of the basin is treated as a looming cliff. In the corners of the monument are three field guns of the second half of the XIX century and the Pyramid of the nuclei. In the center of a heavy concrete base set round pedestal, on which rises a rock three and a half meters high. Rock crowned Bronze Cross. Reinforces the impression of sculpture — a figure of Russian soldiers Polotsk Infantry Regiment, conferring a bronze wreath with the inscription — "Heroes of 1812". Author soldier sculpture — artist and sculptor, Academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts Vasily N. Russo.

Zhukov monument on the square.


The monument to soldiers-Maloiaroslavets who died in various wars in the 20th century.


 Exposure pvoennoy equipment in the open sky has long been a favorite walking place of citizens.


You can climb, touch and take pictures.


The monument to the founder of the Grand Prince Vladimir the Brave. Established in honor of the 600th anniversary of Maloiaroslavets in 2002.


Maloyaroslavetskiy hlebzavod. Delicious bread, fragrant rosy buns … The smell of childhood …

The local registry office


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