Malyshev factory rejects parts of the CIS

"Plant named V.Malysheva implements policy of reducing dependence on external suppliers and the creation of a self-Kharkov tank production," — said General Director Vadim Fedosov.

"We’re going to learn to plant the production of guns, rollers, tracks and other products. This will eliminate most dependent on imported components. We hope to do a tank electronics, thermal imaging equipment, software development tools, "- says V.Fedosov.

In his view, the maximum closure of the production itself will overcome the inefficiency and inertia even intra Inter-company cooperation.

"The goal is to maximize production cycle within the group in order to increase company profits. We are ready to carry it out "- says V.Fedosov.

He stressed that the reform of enterprises have started two years ago with the entry into the State Company "Ukroboronprom."

"Two years ago, few would have believed that during this time the company will launch a set full-scale production MBT" Hold ", and the customer will be presented the first combat vehicle. However, this phase we managed, "- said General Director of State Enterprise" Plant named after V. Malyshev "Vadim Fedosov.

"The actions of the team of our company in the development of mass production," a stronghold "- is nothing like a real feat of labor. The serial production took place in conditions of severe time pressure and financial constraints, "- says CEO.
The complexity of the serial start was that the company is a very long period has not issued series of tanks, and "Stronghold", in comparison with the T-80UD, previously supplied by a plant in Pakistan, has a complication rate of production 1.8.
Currently, the plant continues to produce tanks "Hold." Now five tanks for the Kingdom of Thailand are in the final stages of completion.

"MBT" Hold "- one of the hardest fighting machines in the world. Pre-production and launch of its powerful series production requires large investments and the time frame. Here are examples from the history of the plant. In the 70-ies. the last century, pre-production of the T-64B (complicating factor — 30%), which replaced the T-64A, took 5 years and cost the equivalent of 640 million U.S. dollars. In the 80-ies. the transition to mass production of the T-80UD (complicating factor — 50%) took 4 years and cost the equivalent of 920 million dollars. The development of a production of "Bastion" took a year and cost U.S. $ 31 million at a rate of 80% complication. For economic calculations as it needs to be at least 1.2 billion dollars. This seems like an impossible task. However, with the support of SC "Ukroboronprom" and through the mobilization of internal reserves, the plant stood and prepared to the required rate of production "- said V.Fedosov.

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