Man-made diamonds MISA — among the 100 best inventions

Russia 2012 "

Invention "A method of making a polycrystalline cubic boron nitride with fine structure"Was included in" 100 best inventions of Russia 2012 ".

Work on the patent in NUST "MISA" NI conducted Polushina co-authored with A. Yeliutin, AI Laptev and MN Sorokin for over 5 years.

"Nature is working on the diamond over millions of years, — said the essence of the development of one of the inventors, head of the laboratory of superhard materials (LPC), Ph.D. NI Polushin.- In the laboratory, this requires a pressure of 90-100 thousand atmospheres at 1.5 thousand degrees Celsius. Thus obtained polycrystals, comparable to diamond in hardness, which are used for manufacturing cutting tools with a unique toughness, wear resistance and for the blade of hardened steel, high alloy and wear-resistant coatings. A similar set of features allows you to receive a new generation of cutting tools. "

Development laboratory "Physical Chemistry" NUST "MISA" exhibited at a number of international exhibitions and been honored with numerous awards:

  • Diploma and a gold medal of the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes 2012" for the development of an innovative "Diamond tool for electrically bonded."
  • Diploma and silver medal XVI International Industrial Exhibition Metal — Expo 2010 for the development of technology for producing diamond drill bit thin, and its introduction into production.
  • Diploma of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) for the successful presentation of product innovation and international importance, and others.

"We are actively developing the scientific and technical basis of the university, which allows our talented scientists to conduct research on an international level, multiplying the prestige and authority of the university for its achievements and victories. Official recognition of the expert community significance for the Russian economy of the Laboratory "Physical Chemistry" by a leading specialist Nikolai Polushina is further evidence that we are moving in the right direction, confirming the high status of the leader of technology education Russia ", — commented Rector NUST" MISA " Alevtina Chernikov.

In just the last 3 years the laboratory staff have received 25 patents and registered some know-how in the depository MISA. A distinctive feature of the laboratory is that the scientific and technological work are brought to the level of real technology, produced and delivered to consumers experimental batches of superhard materials and related tools. The main customers are oil and gas, nuclear power, etc.

The laboratory also carried out training of qualified personnel specialized in super-hard materials and are widely sought after in the innovative sector of the modern economy.

Students and graduates MISA lead projects and perform laboratory work, using the best equipment. This helps them not only to get acquainted with the latest technologies, but also to implement their own ideas.

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