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Most modern businesses today try to be customer-oriented, because it is not just fashionable, but primarily economic. But just in case this term they understand the organization’s ability to extract additional profit at the expense of understanding and response to customer needs. The major task of the project to work with key clients business administration CTRP saw it as a priority production orders with the highest marginal income.


Before the project, coordination of orders in production occurred outside the corporate information system. Commercial Directorate has formed an excel file with the data on orders, production of which had to perform in the coming month. In turn, the production office to correct it, based on production capacity. Given the fact that this procedure could be tightened from 5 to 10 days after the agreement backlog often become irrelevant, since during negotiation may have changed. When working with a file excel, transmitted from service to service by mail, the constant changes made to take into account not real. In addition, this approach does not have to talk about the analysis of the economic component: the priority of orders remained in the mind of the manager responsible for the transaction, and with the same priority choices to be made by intuition.


For operational and economically sound solutions for business acquisition in the manufacturing business administration CHEP has introduced a new unit staff — responsible for product line, whose main task is to load the production units with a maximum economic benefit. To effectively address the staff member assigned to the task has also developed the necessary tools:

— statement of monitoring the production load, by units with display horizon loading;

— document by means of which there is a coordination task for the production of a month and a decision on the settlement of disputed questions of the planned timing of the production of key transactions;

— Statement of control and transactions accepted by recycling old


The specialists of "Malachite" matching circuit has been implemented to produce jobs in the ERP circuit with the necessary intelligence. Now the orders are given additional features, which can determine the key customer orders, see the profit margin, high utilization of the mill. Sales Manager can also affect the situation on the included production orders: otherwise prioritize, replace, start re-negotiation of orders involving a chain of superiors and motivate financial performance. This situation is excluded as untimely informing the manager about his exclusion from the production order, which allows better control of the situation with our customers and do not give them false promises regarding the terms of the execution of orders.


Implementation of the project is not only decided by automating key tasks and provided the employee of the Commercial Directorate, responsible for product line with the necessary tools, but also helped to establish cooperation between the services of the customer: now traders and industrialists say "the same language", business processes are aligned with the requirements of both parties, and document management is conducted in a single system in Malahit: Workflow. We charge by product line will be a uniform workplace, where he coordinates the assignment, position transactions, the acceptance of the transaction. The task for the month is created with the boot camp, as well as in view of the first orders for key customers and orders with the highest income. The process of matching jobs become transparent, no longer need to manually compare the plan and the actual job.

 About the Company: IT company "Malachite" is one of the leading developers of enterprise information systems in the southern Urals with 20 successful experience of flying and maintaining systems for managing business processes in large industrial enterprises. Performs quality control systems automation of the main business: the production process, relationships with customers and suppliers, logistics, finance, personnel, etc. Its principal activities include the development of custom enterprise information management systems, implementation of our developed software solutions and integration with existing enterprise system, maintenance and technical support for installed systems, providing consulting services in the field of information technology and administrative management. The range of solutions Malahit to date includes 19 products. Each solution can be acquired and operated either jointly or independently, depending on the needs of the customer and allows you to create a system for full automation of all industrial enterprises, including complex legally and geographically distributed structure. 

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