Manufacture of helicopters in 2012 (Beware important addition!)

The blog has an interesting bmpd informatsiya.Proizvodstvo helicopters KumAPP in 2010-2012.


In the explanatory memorandum to the published financial statements for 2012 Kumertau Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KumAPP) unveiled data helicopter production in 2010-2012.

  2010 2011 2012
Ka-32A/Ka-32A11VS 2 4 5
Ka-226/Ka-226.50/Ka-226T 4 10 11
Product 330 3
Product 531 2
The Ka-31 4 9 1
In total 13 25 17

Under the designation "Product 330" coded deck ASW helicopter Ka-28 for the Chinese navy. "Product of the 531" version is called the Ka-31, also comes in the PRC. The plan for 2013 is to produce KumAPP 20 helicopters, and subsequently projected to increase their production to 35 units per year.
In addition, the report provides information on the main areas of industrial cooperation KumAPP under the "Helicopters of Russia". On the basis of the company created competence centers for the production of aggregates bearing system of Ka-226, Ka-62 and Ka-52K maritime, rotor blades made of composite materials and duplicate the production of panels and components of fuselages of "Mi". You can adjust a little article about the results of the year on helicopters. In the same blog entry appeared with the detailed layout, the types and numbers of helicopters all plants:  Colleague alexeyvvo studied began publishing reports Russian helicopter companies for 2012 and wrote in his LiveJournal composite material on the production of helicopters at JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" (LSC), JSC "Kumertausskoe Aviation Production Enterprise" (KumAPP) and JSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress ". release information on KumAPP helicopters in 2012, according to the statements of the Company have already been given bloge.Takim in our way, when the total number of 290 helicopters built by companies holding company "Helicopters of Russia" in 2012, the layout of helicopters to the plants and types is as follows: "Kazan Helicopter Plant" — 98 helicopters (Mi-93 series 8/Mi-17 and six "ANSAT-U") of "Kumertausskoe Aircraft Manufacturing Company" — 17 helicopters (one Ka-31, Ka-five 32A11VS, 11 Ka-226) of "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress "- 21 helicopter (Ka-52) JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant" — 100 helicopters (series Mi-8/Mi-17) "Rostvertol" — 54 helicopters (Mi-26, seven, 15 Mi-28N and Mi-32 series 35)

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