March of success — the beginning

November 1, 2011 Public Organization Russian Citizens Union held the first vigil in the perpetual campaign "March of success." We took to the streets to tell the citizens of Russia about the achievements of our country, who are silenced by domestic media. The action "March of Success" was held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Kaliningrad and Krasnodar.


Russia — the country, not only the potential but also the very real achievements — this is the main message of our campaign.


Mass picketing was held in Moscow near the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 Goda", Zvenigorod access to the highway. Some members of the CHR with banners and flags lined up near the monument to the first Russian revolution, the others surrounded the subway station and began handing out leaflets to citizens. The police treated the stock is very friendly, understanding and support. And arrived at the picket representatives of the local prefectural offered their assistance in the preparation of leaflets to the following shares (held December 1, 2011) and left us — they loved the event and they were in favor of the regular sequel. In general, the situation was very friendly.

During the picketing was handed out thousands of leaflets about 2, which are described as Russia’s achievements over the last month, and the positive developments that have taken place over the same period in the Moscow region. Citizens willingly took leaflets, asked, against which we protest. And to know that the character of our shares purely positive, not negative, most people immediately tuned to the same positive way. Persons blossomed smiles tied discussion on how to make the development of the country more dynamic, more focused. Of course, discussed numerous problems, but only in a friendly way — how best to deal with them. Many expressed a desire to join future events PGR.


From communication with the citizens of PGR members endured quite sad statistics — more than 70% of respondents drugged media that set them on a pessimistic mood. Thus, the shares of the "March of the success of" indispensable Russia, and we will continue to hold them still for a very long time. As long as at least half of our citizens do not realize that the future of our country is created today.


At present picketing television, the duration of the action it has shot its participants, and interviewed them. Marsh also highlights the success of radio stations of the capital.


But the comment of Alexander, one of the protesters’ march of success ":
"The picket was organized by all the rules with a single hitch, flags PRT arrived a little late.
All activists have skillfully, "armed" with posters and flags, housed at the monument, and took up a small part of the distribution of leaflets. In the end, leaflets distributed about 2 thousand.
Wet weather hinted at the hot tea and a bath, but the 2 hours passed quickly enough, all were present before the end of the event.
The bulk of the passage of people were interested, but against what we actually came here? Thoughts about the Rally for something, do not come to mind. After understanding the meaning of events, people have a smile that said the willingness and desire to hear good things about their homeland.
From the beginning, the film crew arrived REN TV. They left an hour later, all the while filming and interviewed the participants of the picket. In the end they decided to interview me on, they asked, can be precisely on the nature of the reporting, which they can do. Here are a few questions that would have been more clear about what I mean:
1. As you may distribute such information, if they themselves believe in it only 70%? (Percentage of such faith, allegedly told one of the picketers).
2. And tell me exactly who the enemies of Russia? (Question inspired by one of the posters). Are they in Russia have? Maybe it’s not enemies and rivals?
3. Are you for or against United Russia?


All interviews were built in the key catch me at some point and try to beat him in the usual way. It seems to not work :)
The morning of the interview on "City FM" gave spokesman Niels.

The benefits of such a "march" is undeniable. Must go on! "

To finish today’s report, the 10 positive news, which we have reflected in their leaflet:

RUSSIA has overtaken most of the EU and the U.S. GROWTH INDUSTRY

Russia ranked second among the "Big Eight" in terms of growth in industrial production and GDP in the first half of 2011, overtaking the United States, Italy, Great Britain and Japan.

RUSSIA IN 2011 attracted a record grain harvest

In Russia collected more than 74.1 million tons of grain, which is almost 2% more than the very successful 2009. Vintage 2011. allows you to fully cover domestic demand for grain and significantly increase exports.

Our country is among the top ten global R & D funding

Russia is stepping up government spending on science and faster global average rate came in eighth place in the world for investment in research and development, equaling the UK and France and ahead of Canada and Italy.

Russian scientists have created LASER COLLIDER

Russian scientists have created a laser Collider, which will be able to disperse the particles with greater acceleration than its older "brother" in Switzerland.


The number of unemployed in Russia has decreased over 10 years by 30%, and is 6.1% of the population. In the U.S., the unemployment rate — 9.2% of the population in France — 9.7%, Great Britain — 8%.

Reduce the number of abortions

Women prefer to give birth to children, and to continue the pregnancy. The number of abortions fell from 2,138 thousand in 2000 to 1186 thousand, ie decreased almost by half.

In RUSSIA doubled the plans for the construction of strategic submarines

Russian Navy will receive more than 20 strategic submarines of the "Northwind" and 10 new attack submarines of the "Ash".


Russian Air Force began upgrading of new aviation technology: started the actual delivery of new production aircraft built Su-34, Su-30M2 and Su-27SM3, Yak-130, Ka-52 and "ANSAT-U", significantly increased the pace of series production for the Armed Forces Russian Mi-28N and Mi-8.


In the first nine months of 2011, the production of agricultural machinery in Russia grew by 60.0% to 32.9 billion rubles (20.6 billion rubles. During the same period in 2010).


In the first half of 2011 in Russia was produced 92.5 thousand trucks, more than half (53.9%) is higher than production for the same period in 2010.

And that’s just what "fits" on one side of the leaflet …

Russia is alive! We have something to be proud of!

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