Marine rescuers Caspian Flotilla received a new diving equipment

As part of the transfer of the Southern Military District on new models of weapons and equipment in the emergency rescue team of the Caspian flotilla received the first sets of the latest diving equipment universal (HLM-5), which is developed and produced by domestic enterprise "CAMPO", within the group of companies "TETIS . "

This equipment is designed for life support when the diver underwater engineering, rescue and other work at depths up to 60 meters of water at a temperature of -2 to +35 oC.An important feature of the new diving suit that differentiate the domestic development of their foreign counterparts, is the presence of a helmet and mask breathing valve switch option that allows you to without removing the gear, move quickly to breathing ambient air in an emergency ascent, and save the compressed air in preparation for slopes.

In addition, the new helmet VCA-5, compared with the previous model, significantly increased the diver‘s field of view by changing the angle of the window, and the system airflow and prevents fogging of the window provides air into the helmet in an emergency.

Also included in the diving equipment knife new design, which is capable of cutting the wires of different diameters from synthetic and natural fibers, sawing steel wires with a diameter of 8 mm. With the help of a rescue diver can perform a number of supporting underwater work, such as cleaning of individual sections of the hull, as well as a diving survey gauged by the ship’s hull using a ruler printed on the blade.

According to the commander of the Caspian Flotilla, the receipt of this equipment to the rescue squad will allow divers to more confidently and effectively in a submerged position when performing assigned tasks.

It is expected that during 2012, on the Caspian Flotilla receive about 10 such sets.

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