Marines began large-scale exercises in the Kostroma region

In the exercise involved more than 500 personnel. This is the personnel of the 98th Airborne Division. Marines should not just jump from a height of 800 meters in exactly the specified location, but also a matter of minutes to alert the military equipment, which also descends by parachute.

At the command post for the actions of every soldier watched in real time. With the new automated system of officers are visible on the screen, who moves where, and who, for example, conditional wounded.



Landing from the sky and attack well-protected command post. And as the imaginary enemy — experienced fighters. The exercise involved more than 500 men, paratroopers desantiruyutsya from a height of about 800 meters. Their task — not only just landed in this place, but as soon as possible to prepare for a fight with conventional enemy.

For Dmitry Balukova it was the first ever parachute jump. After several months of "Lad Camp" now says, he finally became a real paratrooper.

However, such as a private Balukov here quite a bit. In school, if not go to fight some old people, then certainly the most — the backbone of the unit, experienced contractors. Military equipment, and she also landed by parachute, the crew in a matter of minutes resulting in alertness.

On the other hand — also paratroopers, just have a different goal — to disrupt the offensive paratroopers. Every now and then on the shootings and explosions. Sergeant Vyacheslav Uskov already served two years under contract, now he on the side of the imaginary enemy, says in this battle can be useful and the ability to attack and defend.

Their battalion, told the soldiers in the regiment is considered to be the main strike force, and therefore training at the Marines relevant — what happens on the field is more like fighting a battle: platoon of paratroopers destroy the enemy command post, the position of the imaginary enemy falls all the firepower landing technique.

The actions of the officers and men of the regiment watching the bosses. Each phase of the exercise — as a difficult test with mandatory parsing errors.

"Defines defeat the purpose, order the actions of personnel, both in tactics and in weapons training and are graded every soldier, every officer," — says the commander of the Parachute Regiment of the Guards colonel Alexey Aksenov.

What was the battalion — is still unknown, but with the tasks Marines just coped. Ahead of them have night shooting, and a month later — the new regimental exercises. And in the fall of paratroopers are scheduled to participate in large-scale manevrah "Kavkaz-2012". 

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