Market for computer games in Russia increased 2.4 times to 1.3 billion


The turnover of the Russian game market in 2012 continued to grow, reaching $ 1.3 billion, ahead of film distribution in the CIS (39.4 billion rubles). The main growth of the gaming market is still provided on-line segment (0.9 billion U.S. dollars). His absolute volume has grown over two years to 2.4 times. The segment of the offline games in 2012 amounted to 485 million U.S. dollars.

Online games market is growing primarily due to games on social networks — a segment in 2012 increased by half to $ 353 million stable growth and show a good momentum and mobile games — in 2012 the market volume amounted to 99 million U.S. dollars. Development contributed to the rise of the smartphone market and their penetration.

The study also assessed and experts debunked the most popular myths about the players, in particular, the widespread belief that "computer games" eat "live chat". The study shows that for the majority of game players are a means of communication: 45% of players enjoy being with other players, 35% like to play with friends.

The number of gamers in Russia is growing: as a rule, these are people with higher education, on average, 33 years old, and most of all playing — women. Players are willing to pay each month for gaming services an average of 1,100 rubles.

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