Mars 3

Russian fans of space in a collaborative study of satellite imagery found MRO facility, which is very unlikely indeed a Soviet apparatus "Mars 3", Located on the surface of the planet since 1971. This is stated in report,
published on the website NASA. The picture of the red planet, which roughly corresponded to the landing place of the "Mars-3" in the crater of Ptolemy, was received by American orbiter in November 2007 goda.Izobrazhenie consists of 1.8 billion pixels, which is about 2.5 thousand ordinary computer screens. To study it, the members of Community the social network Vkontakte, dedicated to Mars, shared a picture into multiple fragments for sharing izucheniya.Posle having been found the remains of the alleged parachute, heat shield and the device, Vitaly Yegorov, head of the community and a member of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry Alexander Bazilevskii persuaded NASA engineers to do more one image of the same area, which could help address the objects from a different angle sveta.Posle re-examination of the photos, NASA experts have come to the conclusion that the observed objects are very similar to the "Mars-3". "Their appearance and location amazing match how should look the landing, but alternative explanations for the origin of objects while it is impossible to exclude" — said Alfred McEwen (Alfred McEwen), head of the research group dealing with a high resolution camera HiRISE, with which images were obtained. Launched in 1971, the mission to the red planet "Mars-3" included not only the lander, but the space station. Get down to the automatic station was the first of those that have made a soft landing on Mars. Worked, however, the station is not very long — 14.5 seconds, after which the connection to her for unknown reasons was lost. During this time, she managed to convey only a fragment of the panorama of the planet.

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