Mars 3000 completed the test

Recently, I wrote about the beginning of a new test Hovercraft "TA-33",
developed and izgotovnennogo at CJSC "AKS-Invest". November 2 trials have been successfully completed! The vessel has confirmed all the features. Project given the name "Mars-3000."

The ship was created by order of Indian customers and will now be sent to India

SVP "Mars 3000" is designed for heavy duty, and year-round passenger traffic of up to 33 people with access to the ship docks to the wild coast for landing, disembarking and driving on a relatively flat surface at an ambient temperature of -25 ° to + 40 ° C at any time of the year. Vessel class — KM [2] ACV passenger-A.

Hovercraft "Mars-3000" is perfect not only for passenger traffic by sea but also for other types of work, such as rescue operations at sea, patrol, environmental protection measures, the tasks for special purposes associated with the transport of people and goods.

Terms of use:

Water pools with wave heights up to 1.5 m, overgrown shallow water, flooded rivers during the flood areas of land, slush ice, tundra, without limitation the strength of cover, snow of any strength, with ridges up to 0.6 m


Overall length — 15.5 m
Overall Width — 7.66 m
Height with mast — 6.67 m
Width metal enclosure — 3.84 m
Width metal enclosure with sponsons — 5.71 m
Total displacement — 13.8 m
Light displacement — 10,3 t
The crew of 2 people.
Passenger capacity — 33chel.
Engine — two diesel engines Cummins 6ISBe285
Power — 2h275l.s.
Operating speed — 55km / h
Maximum speed in calm water — 65 km / h
The fuel tank — 800l
Range — 500 km
Crossing the vertical height of the shoulder — 0.6 m
Body Material — Aluminum Alloy
Superstructure material — fiberglass

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