Marsh Shipyard pulled the 9th vessel of a series of patrol boats ordered by the state

Ltd. "Marsh Shipyard» (Laky Verf, Shlisselburg, Leningrad Region) September 4, 2012 launched the ninth vessel in a series of search-and-rescue and patrol boats of its own project number 13, being built by the state order. According to IAA "IAA" in the shipyard, boat, called "the Terrible", intended for the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Also today, September 4, 2012, the laying of the first boats on the developed and improved project number 14.

"In accordance with the new project patrol boat is longer, increased supply of diesel fuel on board, modified and improved workplace captain" — said General Director of "Black-headed shipyard" Konstantin weeds.

"Marsh Shipyard» (Laky Verf) is located on the territory of "Nevsky Shipyard" (Leningrad region., Shlisselburg) and has its own production facilities. Shipyard since 2005, engaged in the construction of motor yachts premium. In development projects yachts involved in the yachting world famous designers — the Dutch Guido de Piles (Guido de Groot) Laupman and Frank (Frank Laupman). Since the foundation of the company’s commercial contracts were built 6 boats Project 23 M (length 23.5 m), each of which has passed the navigation test. Construction supervision is carried out by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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