Math Club for Yaroslavl Champions

More than a hundred young fans of mathematics and their teachers took part in the opening of the new association — the math club in the Governor’s house Yaroslavl.

In the Yaroslavl Art Museum dazzled by the abundance of orange ties, badges and blue baseball caps. In this color scheme will be solved all attributes of the new organization, as if stating: "We will not be boring!"

— In this building are the most important events — began by the Director of the Education Department of the Yaroslavl region, Mikhail Gruzdiev. — Our region is world famous for its thousands of years of history, temples, museums, great countryman. The city has developed the most advanced technology and production. I really want to in a series of remarkable brands that are in the land of Yaroslavl, there is another that is associated with the foundation of all the sciences — mathematics. I believe that the Yaroslavl math club has a great future.

— We have teamed up in a mathematical movement fifteen years ago — told about the history of Yaroslavl School of Mathematics Irina Vasilyeva, director of telecommunications and information systems in education. — Nine world champions in mathematics brought Yaroslavl region. It was a labor of guys, their mentors, faculty members. You can not force, to order to be a mathematician. But you can create a favorable environment for the child to himself wanted to study in mathematics.

This problem is subject to a new project — "Yaroslavl School of Mathematics", aimed at identifying and supporting gifted children, part of which is created by the club. Coordinate the work of the Regional Innovation and Education Center "New School" and the regional center of telecommunication and information systems in education with the support of Normal University and YSU.

By the way, Yaroslavl Math Club — a voluntary association. It may come everyone — students, their teachers and even parents — regardless of age. The main criterion — the love for the queen of sciences. Upcoming events in which young boys and girls will be able to demonstrate their abilities, will be fighting for the spring math students 5 — 7 th grade, which will be held in April. And in May, will meet with the coach of the Russian national mathematics.

Very soon, the activities of the club can be found on his website and social networks, and even take part in a competition to design a logo Yaroslavl association lovers of mathematics.

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