Matrona will be everywhere

It’s hard to believe that supervnedorozhnik terrain can be assembled from parts of three decommissioned vehicles GAZ-66, made in the 70s of the last century. But for the masters of the Krasnoyarsk Directorate rescue and recovery vehicles (DAVS) nothing is impossible.

Experience the amazing car Correspondents’ Krasnoyarsk railwayman "invited the head of DAVS Vyacheslav Seregin. Readers will recall the previous invention, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, who already serve the good of the railway — motoparaplan for the evacuation of people and goods from the place of the incident, as well as snowmobile author’s design, which will help the work of restoration of trains on snow-covered areas. And now here to present you a new creation talented director — all-terrain vehicle "Matrona".Exterior miracle machine reminiscent of the "Hammer", the legendary U.S. Army SUV, an impressive and concise. But if we dig deeper, we have our hood ‘Matrona’ from UAZ uralovskie wheels, and the engine of the GAZ-66. At the height of the car hand reaches 3.5 meters. For comparison, the ceiling panel in the average apartment high-rises — 2.7 meters. A correspondent of "QL" rise only a little above the wheel.
Maybe that’s why the inventor and called his creation, that the word "Matrona" no one is expecting a huge rescue base on wheels. They think, "Well," Matrona, "a woman’s name, what to expect from it?" And then on the testing ground taxiing is a miracle.
— On the basis of the stock we have had three cars written off 1972 release. We went through motors, brakes repaired, changed the oil. It turned out that everything is in working condition, — says the head of the directorate.
However, details such as wheels, fenders, tires, optics, pipes, heat and sound insulation, had to buy more.
Car enthusiasts will appreciate these figures. Cost of production "Matrona" was about 160 thousand rubles. Like to compare to similar factory production! Now, take note of what will be the cost savings of "Russian Railways" if the rover will Gostehnadzora examination, will receive a number and will be assigned to one of the remediation trains. All technical documents have been prepared and sent to the appropriate authorities.
When we went to the ground, to "Matrona" immediately pounced potential buyers. Someone elaborate on how much it costs and where to buy. No one believed that it is handmade. The most serious man on the move offered a million rubles. I had to disappoint — not sold.
On drawings rover Vyacheslav Seregin worked for two years. There’s even a night lighting system in the event of restoration work in the dark and winch, with which "Matrona" as Baron Munchausen, can pull itself out of any quagmire.
Tests ‘Matrona’ were carried out on the landfill management of emergency and recovery funds near Krasnoyarsk station. Stormed the three-meter mountain of snow. Of course, instantly collected appreciative audience. Railwaymen and energy rushed from mobile phones to capture the all-terrain vehicle.
Compared with the same "Ural", which weighs 18 tons, ‘Matrona’ is very easy — 4.5 tons. This feature does not allow for a new car to get trapped — not in the sand or in the swamp. As for the snow, our tests have shown — the rover holds the balance even at an angle of 45 degrees. Body does not shake, sit in this position quite comfortably. It should be noted technical bonus — Vyacheslav Seregina rover equipped with two winches — electrical and mechanical. It is worth mentioning gasoline consumption parameters. If the "Ural", "eat" 45 liters per 100 kilometers, the "Matrona" will agree on 25. Again, a substantial savings.
Speed range of home-made all-terrain vehicle — from 5 to 80 km / h Tire dimensions are regulated — to the extent necessary, they go down or spooled. Strength and reliability of the housing is not in doubt.
— Our service area stretches as much as two thousand kilometers, — said Vyacheslav Seregin. — All slopes, entrances and paths to the track, we must carefully examine. In this issue, "Matrona" will be our lifesaver, because for the usual transport many areas of the Krasnoyarsk Railway simply not available.
If we have finally glorify unique car, it say about the quality of painting the body. Such a gentle transition between the camouflage spots I have never seen.
The results of such a test drive. Minus "Matrona" there is only one — you need to have a good physical condition to throw up high enough and rashly jump into the cockpit and does not wobble like a helpless loser-balancer. But for employees of the directorate of emergency and recovery funds physical fitness is one of the professional requirements.
— It remains only to make the logo in stainless steel. It will be a brand new railway ‘Matrona’ — jokes inventor.

Author: Daria Kravchenko

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