Mayakprint (Penza) has launched a new production line of wallpaper

On a subsidiary company of "Lighthouse" — LLC "Mayakprint" (Penza) — December 15, 2011. launch ceremony of the new production line of wallpaper. Created 27 new jobs.


Start a new line is organized in the framework of the investment project "Development of wallpaper produced by" Mayakprint "" in cooperation with the German company "Olbrich." The volume of investments will amount to about 200 million rubles.

Preparation for this step was carried out in 2010, when the reconstruction of the production building area of about 4.5 square meters
New equipment for the production of wallpaper includes 8-color-printed wallpaper press line and apparatus for cleaning exhaust air heat recovery.


New capacity for the production amount to 5.5 million standard woodchip a year with roll width 1060 mm., Are not inferior in quality to the best European standards.

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