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At the Defense Ministry announced contest responded by Russian scientists

  • Screen Site SIC "Bureau of defense decisions"
  • Screen Site SIC "Bureau of defense decisions"

Russian scientists have shown great interest in participating in the 1st All-Russia competition of research for the Armed Forces, which has been declared the Defense Ministry in early October.

To the competition committee has presented more than 200 unique projects. As the head of the Research Center "Bureau of defense decisions" (SRC "BOR" ") Defense Minister Anton Tyurin many of the proposed development are of great interest to the armed forces of our country. According to him, scientists from almost all regions of Russia are showing strong interest in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and offer a truly unique projects:

  • "Program Systems Institute. A.K.Aylamazyana" (PSI RAS), JSC "RSK Skif" and ZAO "RosInternet Technology" presented to the jury project "scenarios and algorithms for the use of machine vision systems for the Armed Forces":

— search for targets and regions in the aerospace photographs;

— precision guidance, tracking and forecasting the behavior of target;

— navigation of aircraft, alternative GPS / GLONASS.

  • "The Institute of Mechanical Engineering" presented the project "Development of technology for nanostructured shape memory alloy" — materials have the property to recover its original shape, given the production: after plastic deformation when heated or in the process of reducing the burden. 
  • Scientists from St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) presented the Defense Ministry immediately 6 projects, and the greatest interest was the project "Solar cells based on metamaterials" — materials used in the new development can reduce the index of refraction and reflection rays, increasing efficiency.


According to the rector for innovative work ITMO Nikolai Toivonen, "organized by the Ministry of Defence first All-Russian competition of research has greatly increased the interest of young people, various research groups to the development of the Armed Forces of Russia."

In early October, the Defense Ministry announced the start of the 1st All-Russian competition of research for the armed forces. The main purpose — to attract the intellectual elite of the country, regardless of age to the development of advanced technologies aimed at strengthening national defense.

The competition program includes five main areas:

  • Information and Telecommunication Systems,
  • advanced types of weapons,
  • military and special equipment,
  • transportation and space systems,
  • the science of life support, energy efficiency.

Participants in the contest can be students, graduates and post-graduates of universities, research, innovation and production teams capable of solving large-scale scientific and engineering problems.


The authors of the projects concerned ministries of defense, have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life with the financial support of the military. The winners and runners may be invited to participate in the implementation of projects within the research groups or even to lead this work. In addition, regardless of the occupied space, competitors may be made offers of employment in the Russian Defense Ministry’s core business units.

The work of participants will be accepted until December 8, 2012. Results of the competition will be accompanied by supporting information channel "Star" and the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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