MBS production of Omsk Radio Works has helped to establish a connection

Amur Region

Mobile base station (MBS) manufacture of Omsk Production Association "Radiozavod them. AS Popov, "developed by OAO" MegaFon ", provided the communications infrastructure in the village Ivanivka Zeya district of the Amur region affected by the floods. 

"Earlier in this village had no cover in any of the telecom operators. We also have mobilized all their reserve capacity and technical responders. It has allowed to coordinate work effectively in an emergency situation ", — said the director of the Amur regional branch of" MegaFon "Vladimir Sedov.

Mobile base station production OmPA "Radiozavod them. AS Popov, "designed to restore full communication infrastructure in emergency situations; provides stable, guaranteed connection in remote and inaccessible areas, where there is no radio coverage standard GSM.

MBS is also able to provide increased network capacity during public events.

According to the General Administration of Emergency Situations Ministry in the Amur region, the flood water level in the rivers Amur and Zeya rose to 10.7 meters, 20 settlements were flooded 1,323 houses.

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