MC KRU has commissioned its fifth processing plant in the Kuzbass

JSC "MC" KRU "put into trial operation processing plant" Krasnobrodsky-Coke "cost about 3.3 billion rubles.

The production capacity of the new plant is designed for an annual processing 3,000,000 tons of coking coal to further produce a high quality concentrate grade coals "KS". Marketable production of 2.4 million tons per year. The raw material will be used coals Novosergeevskogo field Krasnobrodsky cut.

Today, the share of processed coal, including the rich, is 82%. The company plans that by 2017 this will rise to 90%. This means that the "KRU" will refine and enrich all coals, the processing of which is technically possible.

The resulting concentrate on the factory "KRU" will mainly supply the domestic market — for coke-chemical production of Magnitogorsk and Novolipetsk Steel, as well as of "Severstal". Starting the new plant will create over 220 jobs, that will improve the social climate in the village Krasnobrodsky and nearby towns.

"Construction of the plant began in August 2007. However, due to the economic crisis, work was suspended and resumed only in 2010, the company said.

During the construction of the factory "Krasnobrodsky-Coke" had been installed more than 8.5 million tons of steel, set around 200 units of the auxiliary equipment (mostly imported). Use of radial thickeners and filter presses, which close the water-slurry loop provides the factory without external gidrootvalov that are the source of groundwater contamination. It is expected that the payback period of the project for the construction of the processing plant "Krasnobrodsky-Coke" will be 2.5 years.

Starting the new plant will also create more than 220 jobs.

Also on the sections of the Criminal Code "KRU" has four processing plants — Bachatskaya coke capacity of 3 million tons, Bachatskaya-Energy by 2.5 million tons, Vahrushevskaya to 2,000,000 tons and Kedrovskaya to 6 million tons.

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