MCB Compass has created and implemented a system of supervisory control train at the site of the Krasnoyarsk transport hub

Of "ICD" Compass "performed work on the creation and implementation of fail-safe security system, monitoring and supervisory control of the movement of trains using the GLONASS / GPS on the experimental testing ground transportation hub in Krasnoyarsk Railways. High speed and accuracy of location data can train provides real time operating system QNX Neutrino.

Work on the creation and implementation of the "Red Arrow" performed in 2007 in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Global Navigation System" in the interests of rail transport. The system of "Red Arrow" allows real-time control system to provide adjacent to railway information about the number of the route, location, speed and direction of movement of the locomotive.
The system consists of two main parts: the on-board equipment and guards equipment.

Block-board equipment is based on a real time operating system QNX Neutrino and computing module Fastwel CPC304, made in the form factor of PC/104.

Information is transmitted from the locomotive to GSM-cellular radio communication base three GPS / GLONASS receiver installed at the railway station.

Block guard equipment includes GPS / GLONASS receivers, current server and workstation controller. Location locomotive determined billing server on the basis of data from the engine and three basic GPS / GLONASS receivers and displayed in a control position. The data are transmitted from the base receiver on the Ethernet, allowing you to use the existing link.

To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data and their transmission and acquisition times for several locomotives have to be made in real time, so the server is running an operating system QNX Neutrino. QNX Neutrino allows a high level of reliability. Clear priority levels of tasks and their scheduling discipline provides multithreading data with a predetermined operating cycle. Microkernel operating system architecture ensures high productivity.

Data on the location and speed of the locomotive are displayed on the control position. Work is also underway in the archive database, by which it can be shown the movement of locomotives at a given time, as well as the calculations on integrated indicators of locomotives: the distance traveled in a given time interval, the time and hours of parking within the station and adjacent businesses.

The system of "Red Arrow" introduced by the Krasnoyarsk transport hub. According to the results of preliminary tests confirmed: the accuracy of the location of the locomotive with the standard deviation of 1 m, the accuracy of constructing digital models gridiron with standard deviation of 0.3 m delay in receiving information about the location of less than 2 seconds. Currently, work is underway to install sensors to measure the level of locomotives and fuel consumption.

The information obtained with the help of the "Red Arrow", can be used to control the movements of locomotives, cars, trains, cargo escort, for the construction of the proximity alert to moving trains. The system of "Red Arrow" can significantly (up to 60%) reduction of manual entry of information into information management systems, as well as increase the efficiency of the transmission of information about the movements of locomotives and wagons. By automatically obtain this information it is possible to increase the speed of delivery / cleaning cars for loading and unloading, to optimize locomotives and railway stations, improve the efficiency of their use and reduce operating costs.

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