MDG We have the largest research cluster in the field of speech technology in Russia

"Center of Speech Technology" (MDGs) — a Russian company with more than 20-year history. During this time, the company has accumulated a wealth of scientific potential and become the absolute leader of Russian and significant player in the international market of speech technologies and multimodal biometrics.

Today the MDGs is a leading worldwide developer of innovative systems in the field of high-quality recording, processing and analysis of audio-visual information synthesis and speech recognition. Created in the MDGs biometric solutions provide high recognition accuracy on the individual voice and the face image in real time. These solutions are successfully used in the public and commercial sectors, from small expert laboratories to complex security systems on a national scale.

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November 24, 2011 in Moscow hosted a reception jury of the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2011", conducted by leading international accounting and consulting firm "Ernst & Young". Mikhail Hitrov, general director of "Speech Technology Center," has been highly noted the jury awarded first place in the category of Information Technologies. Editorial RUSSOFT.RU talk to the winner of its business and market outlook.

Praised by the international consulting company says about the effectiveness of the MDGs, that the company has built an international business level, and whom the MDGs considers its competitors? How is it now "looks" this market?

Speech Technology Center (MDGs) — a company that creates these innovative technologies and confronts the international market players to speech technologies. In Russia direct competitors do not have. There are companies that compete with us for some destinations. It’s not uncommon when on the international specialized exhibitions MDGs — the only Russian company that demonstrates their new developments.

And in the global market we have to compete with the giant — the company Nuance, and with his new acquisitions (Loquendo, PerSay). But here, we are able to defend their position and win in international competitions.

The main market for speech technology solutions center now — it’s contact centers. For example, the product VoiceNavigator provides the ability to automatically handle incoming calls in call-centers: thanks to the technology of synthesis and voice recognition communication with the subscriber is voice navigation system, not the operator. A product SmartLogger makes the addition of the recording between the operators meet the challenges of speech analytics: to determine the emotional state of the caller, automatically identify key words, based on the automatic analysis of speech dialogs to define KPI for operators using a special module QM-Analyser.

We also have some industry proposals, such as medicine — automatic voice filling medical records, electronic part, solutions for the hospital, and for the security services — emergency information, for transport — information services and reminders and other services.

Today, the MDGs have been operating for about 350 people, and that’s not counting the partners in foreign countries. We have offices in Germany, Mexico, the USA and Finland. In general, the MDGs sales leads to dozens of countries around the world.

In the foreign market, mainly western, the demand for innovative solutions is higher than in Russia, but there is more and suggestions. In Russia, the development market is already there, but the consumer market innovations still in its infancy. The main audience is not widely aware of the possibilities and potential application of speech technology …


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