Measuring instruments of Kolomna enjoy international demand

In Kolomna works company "Techno-As", which makes some of the finest instruments in the country.


The all-Russian course on the effective use of energy resources has caused a wave of new developments. Experts have invented dozens of devices that can detect any leakage even at a distance.


"The model of a black body" — a device with such a name invented by foreign experts. He needed to check the thermal and cost 40,000 dollars. Kolomna developers decided not to spend the money, and invent your own.

As the technical director Igor Komlev, created several samples that tested on real objects utilities. After the test results have modified the design of the instrument and run it in production.

Appliances companies now enjoy in Mexico, Australia, India, Spain, South Korea — almost all CIS countries and 80 regions of Russia. On the international market, it came out at the peak of the crisis. Competitors from other countries with high prices for the products of the race did not survive. Products Kolomna company took a low cost and flexibility of devices.

It all started twenty years ago with a pyrometer — a device that measures temperature from a distance. Now the company produces more than a hundred kinds of measuring equipment, more than half of them are intended for energy audits. Orders come from public utilities, energy, oil and gas industry.

According to the TV channel "Moscow"

In Kolomna invented the "anti-model black body"

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