Mechel-Energo has commissioned a new turbine generator at the CHP in a prominent (Moscow region)

The specialists of the Moscow regional branch of "Mechel-Energo" entered into commercial operation a new turbine generator number 4 of 6 MW. According to the company, it is possible to increase the reliability of power supply of the Moscow Coke and Gas Plant, a subsidiary company "Mechel-Mining."

Replacement of turbine exhaust their resources to a new place in accordance with the investment program of the energy division, "Mechel". For the realization of this project was sent about 140 million rubles. For the Moscow Coke and Gas Plant, Commissioning of the new condensing turbine CHP means, above all, improve the reliability of heat and power production base, as well as a significant reduction in noise levels at the plant, as modern equipment virtually eliminates operation with discharge of waste steam in discharge device and the atmosphere.

The unit includes a steam condensing turbine manufacturing Kaluga Turbine Plant type P-6-3, 4/0 ,5-1 electric capacity of 6 MW and a thermal capacity of 28.4 Gcal / h and an electric generator such as 7-6-2U3 production ATGZ g . Lys’va. Replacement of turbine generator made in cramped conditions concern. Dismantled the old turbo with disassembly of the process equipment and the dismantling of the foundation. Mounted in the same place a new foundation and building construction, which will house a new turbine generator and its manufacturing equipment. According to the draft, made number 4 turbine generator equipment with the latest automated process control systems (PCS) system, vibration condition monitoring unit.

As the director of the Moscow regional branch of "Mechel-Energo" Vladimir Alekseyenko, the new equipment will increase the efficiency and reliability of power plants and significantly reduce fuel consumption for the production of thermal and electric energy.


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