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"Medbiopharm" (Kaluga region, Obninsk) — a group of innovative companies engaged in research and production activities, as well as the promotion and marketing of its products. All companies are united by one mission — to "care about health."


The history of "Medbiopharm" begins with the creation in 1998 of small innovative companies for the production of functional food additives.

Today, the activity of companies "Medbiopharm" includes two key areas:

— Manufacture and sale of functional substances for the food industry, veterinary substances for the manufacture of dietary supplements and medicines, is also planned production of ingredients for cosmetics and health food, sales of tools developed rapid diagnosis.

— Growing and complex "packaging" of active molecules, including all necessary steps to bring an innovative idea to the finished product or solutions.

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July 18, 2011 the company has expanded biotech cluster innovation center "Skolkovo".


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The company works with its developments, as well as with external projects in the field of "active molecules". With the increase in the number of arriving at the "Medbiopharm" ideas from fellow scientists there was a problem — a substantial increase "throughput" ability to bring ideas to the finished product. To do this, set up a kind of "pipeline" of business units, allowing to serve the various stages of the work.

Business units of the company:
— Project Management
— Institute of preclinical and clinical studies
— Institute for the promotion and marketing of
— Institute of Technological Engineering
— Institute for laboratory analysis and quality control
— Universal contract manufacturing of substances

Competitive advantages of the company’s approach:

— Ability to work with projects on anyone, including the very early stage of development, regardless of the formal training of project presentation;
— Availability of skills and experience to carry out substantive examination, evaluation of risks and prospects, the amount and timing of the work required to "grow" the idea to the product;
— Providing a full cycle of works, including attracting investment, development, production and market launch of unique active molecules;
— Developed a project management system and the general practice of outsourcing can significantly reduce the time and cost of performing the work, use the mode "remote office", to control the flow of projects in accordance with the schedule and in time to make effective management decisions;
— Availability portfolio of innovative projects, including their own (group of companies "Medbiopharm"), the experience of the implementation of which allows the use of a regulated business process of the organization and control "growing" molecules.

The main distinguishing principles of the company "Medbiopharm":

— The scientist is a scientist: the scientific component of the project (idea, development) is for the scientists, and the work on the implementation of the project — for a professional team, "Medbiopharm."
— The core functional business model — a team of specialists, managers and project management system (of "Medbiopharm") that allows you to bring to fulfillment of certain works on projects of highly skilled professionals and existing infrastructure of research centers in the country.

Areas of activity:
Pharmacy. Our specialists carry out the design and conduct research of new drug substances for the production of drugs for the treatment of endocrine, cardiovascular, cancer, viral, allergic diseases and diseases of the blood.

Therapeutic and preventive nutrition. The company specializes in the development of functional food additives for the enrichment of everyday foods with micronutrients iodine, selenium, iron for the prevention of micronutrient deficiency among the population, while taking into account the mutual influence of the elements, and using physiological organic compounds of trace elements.

Creating a product that increases the body’s defenses. The company produces antioxidants, immunomodulators, vitamins, carotenoids, prebiotics to strengthen the immune system, increase resistance to stress and deteriorating environment.

The company produces both its own biologically active additives (BAA), and substance for the production of dietary supplements.

Cosmetology. Developed therapeutic substance, intended to make all kinds of cosmetic products. In the production of substances used only natural raw materials from environmentally friendly areas.

Medical devices. The company is implementing a project on introduction of modern methods of rapid diagnosis on the basis of immunoassay analysis. These methods combine the high specificity of control and ease of analysis, allowing visually for several minutes to evaluate the content of diagnostically relevant substances in the body. Production of immunochromatographic test strips for this type of analysis is organized on a full cycle. At present there are several types of tests. Among these tests, identifying at an early stage of such a socially significant diseases, such as myocardial infarction.

Veterinary science. Additives
for animal feed increase the nutritional value of the feed. Adding these supplements can prevent the development of a number of animal diseases and conditions associated with a deficiency of micronutrients, and to protect their body from the effects of adverse environmental factors. Nutritional supplements can increase the safety and survival of the animals and birds, to improve growth and development, meat production, food and energy nutritional value, contribute to profit growth by reducing the cost of feed per kg of live weight gain.

Interview of the Director, AIF number 5 (1578), 2-8 February 2011.

Medbiopharm — the flagship in the field of scientific research

The company "Medbiopharm" since its foundation conducts R & D-research. Most importantly, as the director of "Medbiopharm" Ph.D. Rakhimdzhan Roziev, the company shall make its development to the consumer.

Corr.: Currently on all levels of government say that the Russian pharma companies do not provide the needs of the population in the innovative pharmaceutical products. What specifically does your company to change this situation?

Roziev: Indeed, over the last 20 years in the Russian Federation does not actually create any new (unique) of the drug. Import dependence on insulin — almost 100% of Antibiotics — more than 90%, virtually ceased production of enzymes, drug substances. The vast majority produced in the country are of generic drugs. The company "Medbiopharm" went the other way, starting to develop new "active molecules". The company now performs the full range of work needed to convert the "ideas" (a new molecule, technology, etc.) into a commercial product — scaling technology and training regulations, pharmaceutical articles, the formation of a full dossier for the drug in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation. At present, the company’s portfolio has 14 projects.

Corr.Tell us about the most promising scientific development?

Roziev: It is now one of the most promising directions of our work is to implement the project for the production of immunochromatographic test systems for the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction.

Corr.: Why does the company take on the issue?

Roziev: According to the Russian public organization "League of health of the nation", cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading causes of death in developed countries. Only in Russia die each year from CVD of 1 million 300 thousand people. Ranked Among the common causes of death in our country, cardiovascular diseases account for 57%. The course taken by the country to modernize the health care system, requires the active introduction of new medical technologies. It is known that early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of many serious diseases. What is disease? It is, in fact, a process that has its origin and development. The sooner it can diagnose, the faster you can stop the process, not leading to severe consequences. In the case of myocardial infarction — to myocardial necrosis. That is why, the problem of early diagnosis are paying attention around the world.

Corr.: How the problem of early diagnosis of myocardial infarction decided by your company?

Roziev: Our specialists have developed a simple, easy and fast immunohromotografichesky workable test to reliably in the early diagnosis of myocardial infarction. Developed a method based on the determination of a specific protein which is in cardiac muscle cells and is beyond the first signs of ischemia. It is known that ischemia occurs when there is insufficient flow of blood to the heart muscle due to narrowing of the lumen of the vessel. Once in the blood as early as 1 hour from the onset of the disease, the protein prevents the need to start treatment measures. Treatment initiated within the first 6 hours after the onset of ischemia, prevents myocardial necrosis (what is popularly known as a myocardial infarction). Thus, the proposed company "Medbiopharm" test will allow to avoid the consequences of myocardial infarction, such as death and disability in the working age.

Corr.: The proposed test will now be used in the work experts?

Roziev: Not only that. Designed test is so simple that it can be used, even for people at home. Test answers to the question of how large the risk of myocardial infarction. A positive test result will quickly without wasting precious time to hospitalize the patient to initiate a full diagnosis in the hospital and skilled care. Cardiologist is very important that the patient asked for help as soon as possible.

Corr.: What is the social significance of the project for the production of test strips?

Roziev: Today, the government aims to not only increase the fertility of the population of the Russian Federation, but also to reduce mortality and increase life expectancy. The introduction of the everyday practices of this simple test can just solve these last two tasks are of great social importance.

Corr.: Your wishes to colleagues on the "shop"?

Roziev: I congratulate my colleague on his science! I want to wish all of us to the path of scientific development to product innovation became shorter and more affordable.

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