Media: Tuva spared land for large families

The head of Tuva in sixth place among the 12 governors of Siberia to participate in solving the housing problems of large families. Special rating of this participation was the news agency "Lenta regional news", analyzing the programs and plans of the authorities of the Siberian Federal District to improve the living conditions of families raising three or more children. As the authors of the study, suffered from several major earthquakes in the past year Tuva does not save on the ground, which falls to large families. The analysis showed in particular that in Tuva is growing every year an area of land for private construction. Only a few months of the year free of charge transferred to large families 190 plots of land with total area of 233.5 thousand square meters. meters for individual construction — almost 5 times more than last year.


However, this is only a small part of the families who have yet to give plots for construction. The country, which is a leader on the SFO birth of children, today there are about 30,000 families that fall under the definition of large families. If in the rural areas of Tuva problems with vacant land not, in Kyzyl, the capital of the republic, where almost a third of these households, the situation with areas of intense. In addition, significantly hinders execution of social programs the requirement for provision of plots allocated the necessary engineering infrastructure — Kyzyl not enough generating capacity to supply electricity and heat to buildings.

Despite the serious economic difficulties that prevent the progress of the project, Tuva, in terms of the independent experts, it looks better in this matter regions, where similar problems are not as acute. For example, the Krasnoyarsk Territory in this ranking took a 9th place, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions occupy the 7 and 8th place. Closes rating table Altai Republic. As for the best, the recognized leader of the rating Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleyev, as well as the head of the Omsk and Tomsk Regions Viktor Nazarov and Sergei Zhvachkin. The nearest neighbor Tuva Republic of Khakassia is adjacent to it, and in rating — line above, in 5th place.

Increased attention to the subject of expert allocation of land for large families due to changes in the set of measures to improve the living conditions of many children of families raising three or more children, which was approved by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Information about this tape regional news reports appeared in July on the government website. According to the document, the region will offer guidance on the order of cases and provision of free land in this category of citizens.

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