Media: U.S. aircraft carrier «Dwight Eisenhower» washed ashore SYRIA

Media: U.S. aircraft carrier

December 5. Impact multipurpose nuclear aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy «Dwight Eisenhower» led marine strategy group arrived in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and is currently in close proximity to the coast of Syria. This was now the British media said.
«Last Saturday, December 1st aircraft carrier has passed the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean Sea, where he was caught by a massive storm — noted British radio. — Last NIGHT MODE «Dwight Eisenhower» approached Syrian waters. «
According to the available disk imaging, aboard the aircraft carrier are 70 fighter-bombers, and the total number of sailors, airmen and marines on board achieves 8 thousand
«Dwight Eisenhower» joined the repositories have almost two weeks off the coast of Syria amphibious assault helicopter carrier «Iwo Jima.»
As a result, detailed in this part of the eastern Mediterranean Sea strategic group currently has 17 ships. Its membership also includes one cruiser with cruise missiles, 10 destroyers and frigates. Four ships are armed with functional missile defense system «Aegis» / Aegis /.
With the arrival of the aircraft carrier the total number of American servicemen stationed on warships in the immediate vicinity of Syria, reached the 10 thousand

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