Medical insurance in the United States, or why America is better not to get sick

Medical insurance in the United States, or why America is better not to get sick.


America — a country of dreams for many of our fellow citizens. But life is good in it only to people healthy or wealthy. Or both. Living in the United States described the system of health insurance in the United States:

The American system of health insurance — full of holes and nereformiruemaya Lord! In one of my previous posts in the community, there were several dialogues like "In America, 47 million without health insurance die!" — "You’re lying, I have my grandmother free from cancer cured!"
This post made on the basis of my comment Learn a few months ago, I would like to dot the i, then to refer to it in case of need.

I myself live in the U.S. for over 20 years, almost all the time was covered by insurance from employers (large and small companies), suffered a severe illness, and my wife gave birth to my three children. I also went to a meeting with U.S. congressmen and senators about Obama’s health care reform and heard enough there any stories. Total:
In America, in medicine, as in many other areas, there are some non-trivial insidious zapadlo, which are designed so that people from outside the country, everything looks good, and people from within the country habitually think that it should be.
First the positives:
1. If a person is poor (less than $ 2,000 of property, no car), old (over 65 years) or a veteran, he is being treated for free, with the state insurance respectively for the poor, the old and the Veterans
2. If a person is so rich that he does not need to worry about insurance (a severe chronic disease may "cost" millions of dollars), it is also OK
3. If a person works, he has insurance from an employer
4. If a person falls on the street and going to die, it will save, not asking about insurance
5. Medical equipment and qualification of physicians in the United States at a high level (although there are exceptions)
It would seem — everything is there, what else can you want?
Now imagine two situations.
1. The man does not die immediately, but he has a chronic illness, because he can not say two years of work, but then can recover and live well.
A man loses his job, lost insurance from an employer, a plan of Cobra (opportunity for a while to be on the plan of the former employer for a reasonable price) will expire, what now?
Insurance for the Poor? Certainly not — the person still have savings in the bank and a car. First a person has to spend all that he has, and then it will be treated as a beggar.
And is it not possible to rewrite the property to relatives. Hehe, so did cunning Russian immigrants ("planned poverty"), but this shop closed down — all attempts to donate or sell for a small amount of property to relatives during such five years (do not want to check, I remember some of the conversation) is regarded as attempt to cheat the government.
In other words, a person who could work normally, to benefit society, must first become a beggar. Beneath one’s dignity? IMHO no doubt.
2. The woman — the owner of a small business making quilts. Ill curable cancer (the same could be treatable with diabetes). Health insurance for small businesses are expensive and have a hole — do not cover everything. Was forced to quit the business and the type of sort to get the parcel to the post office for a beggarly money to its proper insurance covers.
In other words, destroyed a small business that could not be destroyed if it were not for recording the fine print in the contracts of private insurance companies. Beneath one’s dignity? IMHO, yes, though less pronounced than in the first case.

But what about the stories of the Soviet "refugees" from Brighton Beach in the 1980s in America‘s paradise? And they probably had some bezhenetskie programs that are partially isolated them from reality. Well, of course people are stretching the truth.
In the U.S., health insurance mess, the likes of which is not in any other developed country. The most heinous, that the system works in most cases, so most of it is all happy, and cries of minorities who accidentally fall into the above situations are ignored, because most do not want to believe that the same could happen to them personally.
Therefore, the U.S. health insurance system also nereformiruema.

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