MegaFon has launched all-Russian system of accounting in the housing



Theme housing is widely recognized as one of the most complex reform and away from innovation. However, the "MegaFon" has decided to change that. Center for Innovative Research "Megaphone" Megalabs company launches a totally unique service to Russia in the field of housing, "resource under control."


The project has been launched in Moscow and the Moscow region, and from September will be extended to the whole territory of Russia. In a nutshell, every day "MegaFon" remotely collects and processes data from all heat meters, water and light, giving taxpayers the ability to control them, and pay online. Thanks to this procedure such as meter reading thing of the past, and with it solved a number of important tasks that will ultimately allow finally start saving for an apartment in the accounts — that lately especially important.

"Resource under control" consists of the counters, channeling equipment — communication lines, modems, routers, and database and application software. MegaLabs partner is a company-integrator "Development Center Dept. of Automation" (TSRSA), which has extensive experience of automated control systems and energy metering (AMR). "MegaFon" provides delivery, collection, centralized data processing and resources to scale the project on the federal level.

In the first place in the client’s apartment or private house set timers. This exchange has established metering optional, provided that they are operable, they have not expired calibration and pulse outputs are present for connecting the transceiver equipment.

In such cases, the "MegaFon" only sets the transceiver equipment to the various interfaces — wired / wireless or power line PLC transmit data to the channel-forming equipment that is installed, for example, in the attic, the basement or the control room of an apartment building. In the case of the private sector — usually at the transformer substation.

There, in addition to other equipment installed modems with SIM-cards "MegaFon". Once a day or more often (for industry) equipment transmits consumption data via a dedicated access point APN via VPN in "MegaFon" on server "MegaFon" in the data center (Tier III reliability standard TIA-942), where the information processing and transfer it to the user’s personal account page. The system is completely closed off from the third-party influence.

Internet network is only used by clients to access the web-interface or your personal account on the computer, laptop, tablet or other mobile device that displays already collected and processed information.

Already this information from the data center goes to various consumers: in billing systems, management companies, retailing companies, industrial enterprises, which, along with individual subscribers have access to your personal account on the site /, allowing a daily basis to monitor their consumption, a history of spending resources to pay, ask questions, etc.

A potential customer or a meeting of tenants are immediately on the site of "Megaphone" to calculate accurately the cost of the project for their home in the private sector as well as in an apartment through the project calculator: In September, the "Resource under control" goes to the federal level, so the opportunity to clarify and connection conditions can be in any region of Russia.

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