Megakontrakt with India on the engines AL-31FP

  • Megakontrakt with India on the engines AL-31FP

"Vedomosti" newspaper article Alexei Nikolsky "India brought on record" reports on the conclusion of "Rosoboronexport" in October 2012, with India supergiant contract worth about $ 5 billion for the licensed production in India in 2030 aircraft engines AL- 31FP for the Su-30MKI.

According to reports, this is a production in India of 970 engines. In fact, India will be assembled engines AL-31FP from components supplied by Russian companies. The first 50 engines so-called "zero-phase" (apparently almost ready) will be delivered in 2013.

This megakontrakt with India to a large extent, allowed the Russian defense exports reach a record level of $ 15 billion of new contracts signed in 2012. Another major contract, which allowed to reach the sum of $ 15 billion, has an agreement to supply India 42 additional Su-30MKI fighters, which should be finalized during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Delhi, scheduled for December 24, 2012.

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