Megaphone launched a base station to an alternative source of energy.

Cellular operator "MegaFon" announced the launch of its first base stations operating on wind energy. Three stations equipped with wind generators, the operator launched in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

As told CNews "megaphone", Krasnoyarsk station equipped with wind turbines and generators Scottish company Proven 6 kW each. The company reports that wind turbines provide about 85% of the time the power supply, which can save more than 300 thousand rubles. per year per each station.


The remaining time the station is powered by a battery and diesel generator. Estimated battery life, powered by a diesel engine is about two weeks.

According to the "Megaphone" Julia Ganina, in European Russia experienced in installing base stations that receive power from the wind turbines is unlikely to be continued. She explained that the project in Siberia base stations for wind turbine began to develop because of the need to install base stations in areas where there are no power lines, and the installation at the station constantly running diesel generators was expensive.

In Siberia, a further spread of the experience is quite likely. The decision on the further development of the stations on the wind generators will be taken on the basis of studying the work of the first stations.

"Megaphone" was the last operator of the "Big Three" to start commercial operation of base stations for alternative sources of energy.

"VimpelCom", working under the "Beeline" brand, has established its first base station feeding from an alternative source of energy, in August 2004, the station serves the area of federal highway Krasnodar — Sochi in the mountain pass near the village Moldavanovka. This station is powered by solar panels, wind turbine and diesel generator.

In addition, the "Beeline" is a solar-powered repeater on the hill in Abrau Durso base station and a solar-powered in the Lago-Naki plateau. The total capacity of solar panels each of the stations 10 kW.

Technical Director of the Southern Region "VimpelCom" Stanislav Petrenko established in the discussion of "VimpelCom" base station with solar batteries, admitted that its profit margin (excluding the construction of transmission lines), "plays a direct connection to the grid."

MTS uses wind turbines in the Crimea, in the North-West region and the Far East. The representative of the operator Valeria Kuzmenko said that in Moskovskaya oblast job base stations provide generators running on hydrogen fuel cells, and in the south of Russia has begun the installation of solar panels.

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