Melam produced a line of universal slaughter of pigs and cattle

July 24, 2013, in Dnipropetrovsk, on the basis of "Plant feed additives" put into operation a universal line for slaughtering pigs and cattle. Its performance: slaughter of up to 30 heads of cattle and 100 pigs per shift.

This line is designed and produced in the factory, "Milam" with all the regulations and requirements of modern mechanization and automation of the processes, its equipment includes the necessary equipment ensuring the implementation of sanitary and veterinary standards of Ukraine, the European Union and the Russian Federation, and also meets the requirements and standards of the European Union Commission, HACCP and conventions on the humane treatment of animals.


As a direct manufacturer of equipment complete technological cycle of primary processing of livestock, "Milam" offers a complete set of lines slaughter of different capacity, depth of processing of raw materials and the individual wishes of the customer. The proposed process of slaughter in slaughter lines "Milam" primarily creates all the necessary conditions to ensure the hygienic safety of meat, its good quality and design in such a way that the work of staff was safe, convenient, and does not create problems.

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