Melamine production begins in the Stavropol region


Melamine production will start at "Nevinnomysskiy nitrogen" in the near future. The new plant will produce 50,000 tons of material per year.

Melamine is commonly used for the production of paints, lacquers, adhesives, plastics, refractory coatings, laminates and even for handling banknotes. In Russia, this substance has not yet been released, it was imported from abroad.

Production Nevinnomyssk more expensive, but it is environmentally friendly counterparts, as virtually eliminates liquid effluents. Non-waste technology, closed most of the resulting materials are returned to production.

"EuroChem" opened a public reception at the Palace of Culture chemists Nevinnomysska to answer questions about the production of melamine citizens.

Experts expect that most of them will be about how dangerous this material for humans.

Paradoxically, the installation must improve the environment in the city. After its launch emissions are projected to decrease by 140 tons per year.

In addition, nevinnomystsy able to see for myself how is the melamine.

Excursions to the public will be held at the plant in April and May, according to the administrative director of "Nevinnomysskiy nitrogen" Oleg Thalberg.

The first product of the new plant will in April. A melamine, ready for sale, will appear in late spring.


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