Melinda Gates: family planning in developing countries means sterilization of women

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (FBMG) organized the London Summit on Family Planning (LSPS) where they will present their task of depopulation and eugenics in the name of women's rights.

The event will be attended by representatives of both governments and the private sector. There will not only be extremely lucrative contracts for the supply of contraceptives. FBMG going to raise funds to carry their brand of depopulation in third world countries.

FBMG states that in 2050 "the world's population will exceed 9 billion people", and for them it's not acceptable. By putting pressure on social programs and resources FBMG wants to use family planning as an investment for all national governments in the world.

Delegates LSPS will communicate with non-governmental organizations such as the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, which are determined to steer policy and politicians to support their campaign.

The Department for International Development (DFID) argues that since women are dying in childbirth, it is this contingent will be their leading candidate to achieve depopulation. If you control the ability of women to conceive, you can save countless lives. Andrew Mitchell, DFID assistant, said: "The fact that pregnancy can be a death sentence for many girls and women in the developing world, is shocking. Even more depressing is that many of these pregnancies were accidental. "

Mitchell works very closely with Melinda Gates Foundation, which has put family planning as their main priority. Gates hopes that LSPS and her work with DFID "will result in a global movement" by sterilization and the use of contraception by most of the population of underdeveloped countries, thus making it impossible to conceive.

FBMG already participated in the seizure of land in Africa, carried out by the UN, and now the Foundation has provided funds for compulsory acquisition of dairy farms in Africa. According to government channels to support the project for the development of dairy production in East Africa sent 8.5 million dollars.

Associated non-governmental organizations engaged in the seizure of land from African farmers are also involved with FBMG of appropriating profits and infrastructure of small dairy farms.

Among these organizations include Heifer International (HI), which has received $ 8 million from FBMG, as well as their partners TechnoServe, The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), World Agroforestry Research Institute and Africa Breeders Services.

Gates has prepared for the London summit, the arguments in response to criticism of contraception.

In an interview with CNN, CNN she burst into speech to justify their position as part of the global elite, who are actively working to reduce the world population by 90%, starting with the work of the Third World.

Melinda Gates, who spends a lot of time in underdeveloped countries like Africa, says LSPS — a "partnership of national governments in developing and developed countries, the private sector and NGOs are beginning to breakthrough work, ensuring" that people in the poorest countries is not had the ability to reproduce and would be in large sterilized under the guise of family planning.

In support of these efforts, Gates said, it will be able to prevent the birth of the 40% of people who would be born, if not its proposed measures. Thus, it justifies the family planning as a plan to improve the health of women, because women "have families, are more successful, and their population — more prosperous."

Simply put, FBMG otklassifitsiroval "unwanted" pregnancies, and is now concentrating on their removal to reduce the population of the Earth. FBMG primarily focused on Africa and the Muslim states.

Gates explained that in Senegal FBMG "investing in a pilot project to provide all medical facilities stock a variety of modern contraceptives, including implants, injections, and intrauterine devices to ensure compliance with its mission to reduce the number of people. The greater in developing countries will be sterilized women, the sooner this problem will be solved.

FBMG became a partner of pharmaceutical corporations, such as the Chinese Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals, to develop a means of birth control to be used in more than 20 countries to reduce population growth.

Gates released a propaganda cartoon, where famed campaign of sterilization of millions of women by using Depo-Preovera. She also said at the conference TEDxChange, it is the best tool because it allows women to get a shot behind her husband. Gates said: "Unfortunately, this year a billion pairs will have sex with each other" … and the only consolation for Melinda Gates Foundation is that sterilization by means of contraception "will give them the right to decide" to have a baby or not.

In a propaganda cartoon depicts brown and black women in the form of mutilated potatoes that enjoy life, because they have fewer children. This cartoon is not only insulting. It shows how the global elite sees people she intends to "save". The cartoon says that preventing conception in the world is born of 600,000 people. Contraception — the first step in the plan by the global elite depopulation, which can be very effective under the guise of saving women's lives.

Racist hints in this video jarred even supporters of FMG, who said that this propaganda material "demeaning, inaccurate and racist, because it implies that only dark-skinned people need our help (white-faced)", and in its current "form does not inspire any confidence . "

According to Melinda Gates Foundation, the fathers in the future will not be. Only one child, only one woman.

The fact that FBMG focuses on the countries of the Third World is obvious. It is the most densely populated areas in the world. Their governments can benefit most from its citizens than governments of industrialized countries. And the population in those countries less educated, to realize the danger posed by these NGOs FBMG and hastily arranged medical clinics, where operations are carried out forced sterilization of their countrymen and women.

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