MEPI students have created and patented the software to deal with telephone scams

Last night on NTV news in the newscast were told about the development of the students set up a small laboratory in the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. Young guys have created software that interested giants such as Apple and Google, its lack of innovation and unique in the world.


Software it is designed for mobile phones running the Android operating system and Symbian. Its main task is to prevent attempts to withdraw funds from the account of your smart phone user scammers who use this special tool — a cell that intercept cellular signal emitted from any phone during the call.

As it turns any phone, even the smartest smartphone from Samsung, is unable to determine whether it is connected to this cell tower or to the attacker’s cell, which is located in a van with tinted windows nearby. Using this feature, attackers and redirect cellular signal to short numbers that are written off and a small number of 100-200 rubles from any station in the area reached by cell.

  • Smart phones that are equipped with Green Head developed by the Russian students
  • Smart phones that are equipped with Green Head developed by the Russian students

And if your Galaxy S III will have the appropriate application of Russian students in physics, then you have nothing to worry for the safety of your finances. The guys with the oscilloscope able to determine the frequency and signal when connected to a conventional cell tower to cell and scams. By calculating the dependence of guys have created an application that determines to what source is connected phone during the call. The program can not determine that the phone is not connected to this base station, and a special character, it shall notify the owner of phone.

I wonder what such a development may be interested in the largest players in the market of mobile operating systems? The introduction of developments in the Russian students advanced operating system in the first place can protect users of devices under their control devices from hacking attempts by third parties. This technology is particularly valuable for Google and its Android, as security for the mobile platform Google still remain open. By the way, the students were MEPI guys do not miss and has patented his design. Now, if one of the big players seriously interested in their development, children can become developers of security on most smartphones planet, and not just rely on a decent royalties from one or another industry giant, but, perhaps, an invitation to continue the development of a more comfortable than a tiny laboratory MiFi conditions.

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