MES East for the first time in Primorye installed a gas-insulated

switch disconnectors

For the first time the power grid facilities of Primorye at the 220 kV gas-insulated Vysokogorsk mounted switch disconnectors 220 kV, and a capacitive voltage transformer 220 kV.

The new equipment will increase the reliability of electricity substation and Dalnegorsky Terneysky areas of Primorsky Krai.

Vysokogorsk 220 kV substation transformer capacity of 20 MVA in type is otpaechnoy. According to Deputy Chief Title Maritime Enterprise MES Dmitry Masnikova, food energy facility was carried out through a spur of the 220 kV transmission lines. Transformer protection was performed on the basis of short-and separator. At their emergency operation automatically turns off the power line, as a result affect the reliability of electricity northern Primorye.

In this regard, it was decided to replace the short-and the separator on a single device — a gas-insulated switch-disconnectors 220 kV. The new equipment is compact, possible to fit in the existing substation and power facility without expanding the territory. Moreover, it reliably has a long turnaround time, and life.

As part of the reconstruction of the substation Vysokogorsk previously installed three-phase capacitive voltage transformer 220 kV. This modern equipment will combine not only the functions of voltage control, but also the possibility of transmission and processing of high-frequency signal transmission line. In addition, on-site construction of a new substation control building, constructed new cable routes and ground loops, the reconstruction of the lighting system.

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