MES North-West completed the modernization of the substation switchgear Sjas

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (MEA) of the North-West — has completed the expansion and renovation of the outdoor switchgear (ORU) 220 kV substation at 330 kV Sjas (Leningrad region).


The work carried out within the framework of a comprehensive upgrade of power, which began in November 2008. The installation of the new equipment will significantly increase the reliability of electricity north-eastern part of the Leningrad region with a total population of more than 150,000 people. The cost of works on the reconstruction of 220 kV was 190 million rubles.

As part of the upgrade of 330 kV Sjas at the site of 220 kV works on the construction of 220 kV visits to 7 new supports, built two new cells 220 kV, works on installation and commissioning of equipment and fiber-optic high-frequency communications. Mounted relay protection and emergency control, communication systems. It is planned to complete reconstruction of power facility with the replacement of old equipment with new.

Substation 330 kV 780 MVA capacity Sjas put into operation in 1971. From its stable operation depends on the reliability of electricity residents Volkhov and Tikhvin district of Leningrad region, city Syasstroy, as well as the transit of electricity Leningrad region — Karelia.

Reconstruction of 330 kV Sjas held in the framework of the Agreement with the Government of St. Petersburg on the implementation of measures to ensure reliable power supply and the creation of conditions for connection to the grid of the city consumers.

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