MES Siberia got a new electrical lab

In MES Siberia arrived The first specialized Electrotechnical Laboratory, designed for testing of cable lines with XLPE insulation. It will be used at 500 kV Yenisey, 220 kV KISK, left bank and central distribution station (CDE) in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The laboratory is equipped with instruments for testing of power cables, their insulating properties and the safety factor, with which you can accurately determine the location of damage that will significantly speed up the troubleshooting process and increase the reliability of the transmission of electricity to consumers.

In particular, laboratory equipment has been installed for measuring partial discharges in the insulation of cables, and diagnostic tests cable lines at very low frequencies, the voltage pulse generator and many other control measurements performed using a specialized software package applications. In conjunction with the system for fault location, and diagnostic tests cable it allows you to effectively monitor the status of cable networks.

A new diagnostic laboratory complex joins Park MES Siberia, which also includes 15 fixed electrical laboratory for testing of protection, 21 mobile laboratory for the testing of high-voltage substation equipment and 3 laboratories for the diagnosis of overhead power lines. A mobile laboratory acquired MES Siberia as part of the Federal Grid Company to build a modern system diagnostics.

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