MES South completed the installation of the ice melting system at a substation Budennovsk

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (MEA) of the South — has completed installation of basic equipment ice melting system at 500 kV Budennovsk. Installation of the ice melting system will improve the reliability of electricity supply more than 150 thousand inhabitants Budenovsky municipal district of the Stavropol Territory.


Ice melting system is designed to deal with the icing on the wire and ground wire transmission lines. As part of work on the 500 kV substation mounted Budennovsk: rectifier unit for the heating wires, circuit breakers, current transformers. The new system of melting ice will be managed remotely, making it easier to maintain and operate the equipment.

In 2012, the planned reconstruction of outdoor switchgear 500 kV, the construction of a new 110 kV cell to connect consumers to the village Departed substations, installation of the power transformer capacity of 125 MVA for the ice melting, the replacement of air circuit 500 kV gas-insulated modern.

The program of JSC "FGC UES" uncomplexed reconstruction (replacement of individual pieces of equipment), aims to extend the life of the object, testing innovative technologies and equipment in existing networks. Under this program, the substation 500 kV Budennovsk planned reconstruction of outdoor switchgear 500 kV and replacement of switches 500 kV and 330 kV.

Substation 500 kV Budennovsk installed capacity of 1,002 MVA was commissioned in 1997. It provides a large industrial electricity consumers in the region, including the Company "Stavrolen", JSC "Budennovsky Machine Building Plant" SUE "Prikumskaya experimental breeding station", and creates the conditions for the implementation of investment projects in the region, such as production of dry wheat gluten and starches, opening facility for storage and processing of municipal solid waste in the area of the village of the deceased and others.

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