MES West Siberia updated machinery park

In preparation for the autumn-winter period, branch of JSC "FGC UES" — MES West Siberia — also will purchase 55 units of special equipment — road cars, gusenechnye terrain vehicles, trucks, tractors, etc. Timely renewal of its own technology is one of the most important factors in ensuring the reliability of electricity supply in the region and rapid response to emergency situations.

Most — 32 pieces of equipment — the company has already received. "The new modern technology improves the working conditions of employees contributes to the quality of work performed, provide the necessary efficiency in emergency management, execution of planned maintenance program and other targeted programs," — said the head of mechanization and transportation Alexander Permjakov.
The program of fleet renewal machinery is formed on the basis of applications compiled departments mechanization and transportation companies MEAs. All newly purchased equipment distributed to businesses MES West Siberia. Today the company‘s fleet consists of more than 280 units of special equipment.

In Western Siberia winter peak load goes from early November to mid-April. During this period, power facilities operate in harsh environments, the power consumption increases significantly.

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