Messages about the failure of the signing of contracts with the Defense Ministry does not correspond to reality

United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) no information about the failure or delay the signing of contracts for "Boreas" and "ash-tree" with the Russian Defense Ministry. This was reported by ITAR-TASS official representative of USC.

"In connection with this hysteria unleashed by some media outlets around the theme of contracts between the Ministry of Defense and USC, I would like to note that this position is not conducive to the successful conclusion of the negotiation process," — he said.

"In situations like this, when a number of facts related to the subject, can not be made public for security reasons, an important point of media conduct should be professional responsibility of journalists — said the spokesman. — In this connection, attention is drawn to what is already Not for the first time in some media quoted USC there is information about various aspects of contracts under the 2012 state defense order, do not correspond to reality. "

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