Met accelerators for Dubna SEZ and Dimitrovgrad

In the fifth case the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, June 3, 2011 "met" two accelerators, one developed by the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions name Flerov for scientific and industrial complex "Beta", currently under construction on the right bank area of special economic zones "Dubna". Another came from Antwerp and is designed for the first Russian hadron therapy center in the town of Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region). JINR specialists have contributed directly and in its creation, they will conduct testing, debugging and running all systems.

The historical moment of "meeting" of the two accelerators imprinted on his shot Yuri Tumanov: at the top in the package is "swimming" on tap "half" of the magnet future medical accelerator Belgian company IBA, the bottom for the upcoming test mounted Dubna cyclotron, the best in its class for RPC "Beta "(its installation leads the team Alexander Grin’ko, mechanic "golden hands", whose virtuosity is embedded in a number of accelerators created in Dubna).

On arrival at the Dubna accelerator tells the Belgian editor of JINR "Dubna, science, community, progress’ Eugene MOLCHANOV:

— This week, freight class river — sea "Sormovsky 3063" delivered to the dock near the village Zaprudnja on the bank of the Moscow Canal freight from Antwerp to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Transportation is carried out freight forwarding company "Mortrans." June 2 at the dock buoyant: the art had to make a fairly complex operation overload stotonnyh two "halves" of the future of medical cyclotron of the hold cargo ship on two platform trucks.

In an interview with reporters Dubna under the scorching June sun JINR Chief Engineer corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Grigory Shirkov recalled that two months ago in Moscow, he and the first head of the famous Belgian company IBA (Ion Beam Applications, «The use of ion beams"), Yves Jongen signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of hadron therapy of cancer. In Dubna, a new draft version of the proton cyclotron for hadron therapy, which allows several times to reduce the beam loss in the accelerator through the optimization of the magnetic system and the design of the accelerator as a whole. Under contract with the IBA and the means of this company in the fifth case the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems mounted test and commissioning stand for the new version of the accelerator.

Now, — Said Grigory Shirkov — we take from Belgium first large loads — more than stotonnye magnet elements of the new accelerator.

Transport scheme to deliver them to Dubna has been carefully worked out: by sea from Antwerp to Saint Petersburg Mariinsky and then through the water system and the Moscow Canal …

However, the reality is adjusting very carefully aligned plans, and as a result — an impromptu workshop with tracing patterns in the sand … Around the representative of the company IBA Kaeya Phillip, who arrived at the site at five in the morning, gathered experts’ Mortrans "led by Yuri Zybkinym, LNP — Chief Engineer Michael Kazarinov, head Phasotron Nicholas Shakun and their assistants Gorodnichev Eugene Victor Chizhkov, Viktor Romanov, younger employees electro-technology department Sergei Korovkin, Michael Shishmakov … Decide how to release the cargo in the hold of the fasteners. Yes, there’s no gas cutting will not do … All operational issues are on the move, and the result is a powerful floating crane ropes Moscow Canal, one after the other take out "half" of the hold, and set the platform for …


2. Unloading "halves" of the magnet Belgian cyclotron dammed.


3. Yuri Zybkin ("Mortrans") and Gregory Shirkov (JINR).

The last part of the way — by Dmitrijevka to pass on the court and the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the fifth body … And there will be a broad-scale and labor-intensive installation work, magnetic testing, development of systems and their launch. After testing in Dubna, all the equipment will be sent to Dimitrovgrad, which is implementing a pilot project of a Russian medical center proton therapy, and with the participation of specialists JINR accelerator will be built and launched.
Fedorov Faith, News SEZ "Dubna"

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